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Sacroiliac Joint & Hardware Injections

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The sacroiliac joints in the lower portion of the spine contain cartilage layers covering the adjacent sacrum and iliac bones, allowing for movement in those joints and acting as a shock absorber. However, these joints can become inflamed or painful when they don’t function properly. Surgeries to resolve these types of conditions can also cause unintended side effects, causing lower back pain and poor back function. At Houston Pain and Spine, we’re here to help and can provide sacroiliac joint.

How Our Sacroiliac Joint

Both sacroiliac and hardware injections help people suffering from various types of joint dysfunction around the lower lumbar region. These injections involve the precise delivery of a local anesthetic and/or corticosteroid medication in the sacroiliac joint to target pain relief through minimally invasive methods. These distinct procedures are used to treat different sources.

Sacroiliac Joint Injections – Sacroiliac joint injections address joint dysfunction within the sacroiliac joint. The sacroiliac joint helps link the pelvis and the lower spine and helps support the weight of the upper body. When this joint malfunctions, it can easily be mistaken for other types of lower back pain, making it hard to diagnose. However, sacroiliac joint injections can be used as a diagnostic tool and treatment to help target painful areas along the lower pelvic region and can help those experiencing sacroiliac joint dysfunction find relief.

These injections address spinal-related conditions, and our skilled medical team precisely administers these injections to target the sacroiliac joint providing targeted pain relief. As minimally invasive procedures, these injections provide minimal discomfort, a shorter recovery time, and reduced risk compared to more invasive surgical options.

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At Houston Pain And Spine, our dedicated team provides years of experience performing sacroiliac joint and hardware injections as we utilize advanced imaging techniques to ensure accurate needle placement. We work with our patients through personalized, effective treatment plans to help them regain mobility and improve their quality of life. 

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