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Back Pain and Spine Care

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Our back is the centerpiece of our body’s support structure. Within it, the spinal column carries the most crucial nerve highway we have, the spinal cord. This delicate cable of nerves carries within it all the sensations and instructions from our body to the brain. Without it, we could not move or feel. While back pain, even chronic back pain, is a common experience for people everywhere, it should never be taken lightly. Here at Houston Pain and Spine, we teach our patients how to protect their back, spine, and the precious cargo it contains.

An In-Depth Look at Back Pain and Spine Care

Regardless of the nature of our back pain, it can limit our ability to enjoy important moments in our lives. Those experiencing chronic back pain can find themselves having their quality of life permanently affected. This is incredibly relevant for those who have injuries impacting the spine. The spine is a complex system involving vertebrae, intervertebral discs, muscles, and nerves. Any disruption of its ability to function normally can have lasting consequences. 

While the most common symptoms are dull aches, the pain can be invasive enough to be debilitating. Those struggling with back and spine issues may also experience muscle tightness, numbness, and weakness. In severe cases, spinal injury can result in loss of motor function, including bowel and bladder control. 

When you see us for treatment, we’ll discuss your symptoms, including their frequency and severity. Following this, we’ll begin the next steps:

  • Diagnosis: We will identify the root cause of your back pain. This is an essential step in planning an effective treatment. We’ll review your medical history and complete a physical examination as part of this process. Advanced imaging techniques produce a clear picture of the source of the trouble and how it may be resolved.
  • Treatment: A range of treatments might be used in caring for your back and spine. Medications, physical therapy, and lifestyle modifications will be used first. Minimally invasive surgical approaches may be discussed as part of a more aggressive approach when necessary.

Our dedication to your successful recovery goes beyond the treatment itself. We’re focused on ensuring our patients experience lasting relief, but we also want to ensure that the condition doesn’t worsen. Throughout your recovery and beyond, we’ll be there helping you take steps to live a long and pain-free life.

Take Control Of Your Back And Spine Pain

When you choose Houston Pain and Spine for your care, you get an experienced and dedicated team of pain and spine professionals focused on improving your symptoms and your life. You can start by calling 832-436-4040 and scheduling your first consultation at our offices in Houston, TX. Keeping our back and spine healthy is an essential part of ensuring our quality of life remains high for a lifetime. If you’ve been experiencing back pain symptoms, don’t wait. The sooner treatment begins, the less long-term impacts you’ll experience, so start today!