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Herniated Discs

Doctor with a pen showing a hernia in a skeleton

If you’ve been experiencing tingling or numbness, sharp radiating pains, or limb weakness, it may be a sign of a herniated disc. Houston Pain and Spine is dedicated to helping patients with conditions like these improve their quality of life. Under the leadership of Asif Chaudhry MD, our team will help diagnose your condition and devise an effective plan for treatment to help you return to a pain-free life.

Understanding Herniated Discs and Our Comprehensive Treatment Approach

Living with a herniated disc can significantly impact your quality of life by causing debilitating pain and impacting body function. A herniated disc occurs when an intervertebral vertebral disc becomes compromised. Our Intervertebral discs are essential to the healthy functioning of our spine by providing protection and range of motion. Vertebral discs are comprised of three components:

  1. Annulus Fibrosus – This structure is similar to a tire and encases the nucleus pulposus. It is primarily composed of water and sturdy elastic collagen fibers arrayed in a matrix to provide additional stability.
  2. Nucleus Pulposus – This gel-like substance serves as a shock absorber that spreads stress and weight across the intervertebral system of the spine. While made of materials similar to the AF above, it contains more water.
  3. Endplates – The upper and lower portions of the intervertebral discs comprise cartilage and bind the components together and serve as the interface between rigid vertebral bodies and pliant intervertebral disks.

A herniation occurs when a bulge forms in the annulus fibrosis, known as a hernia. This herniation weakens the intervertebral discs and allows them to narrow as the nucleus is spread out over a greater distance. Further, herniation introduces the risk of a rupture in the disc, as they are a weak point in the overall structure.

Here at Houston Pain and Spine, we support those with herniated discs in a four-stage process that starts with identifying your symptoms. The most prominent symptoms of a herniated disc are numbness and tingling in the limbs. Weakness in the muscles and sharp shooting pains are also common. The next three stages are as follows:

  • Diagnosis: Once your symptoms have been identified, we can confirm your diagnosis using the latest imaging techniques. This allows us to pinpoint the herniation and determine its severity.
  • Treatment: With this new information, we can plan your treatment. We focus on a patient-centric approach that includes customizing your treatment plan. This includes identifying the best physical therapy approaches for recovery and using minimally invasive surgery when possible.
  • Post-Treatment Care: Your care doesn’t end with treatment at Houston Pain and Spine. We’ll work alongside you throughout your recovery to ensure your results last.

Take The First Step Towards A Pain-Free Life

A herniated disc doesn’t have to be the end of a mobile, active lifestyle. With effective treatment, the condition can be controlled and its symptoms addressed. Dr. Asif Chaudhry is proud to serve the people of Houston, TX, and surrounding areas with exceptional spinal care. Reach out to us at 832-436-4040 to schedule your consultation today!