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Neck Pain

woman neck and shoulder pain and injury

We rely on our necks for more than we often realize. It helps us maintain our balance, allows us to look around quickly, and even aids in speaking and eating. Therefore, when we’re experiencing neck pain, it can be debilitating as well as painful. Neck pain can range from tingling and numbness to stiffness and debilitating pain. Here at Houston Pain and Spine, under the leadership of Dr. Asif Chaudhry MD, we’re dedicated to helping patients in Houston, TX, and the surrounding areas find relief.

Unraveling the Intricacies of Neck Pain: A Comprehensive Perspective

Neck pain is a common ailment, but it should never be taken lightly. It can significantly impact our ability to engage in day-to-day activities and limit our overall quality of life. Our neck serves an essential role in our nervous and skeletal systems. It serves as the primary highway of communication between the larger part of the body and the brain by the spinal column it houses. Houston Pain and Spine experts use their experience and knowledge to deliver top-notch care for our patients.

Symptoms that can indicate health concerns related to the neck and spine include a dull ache or sharp shooting pain. Headaches, stiffness, and numbness often accompany this. In severe cases, the neck’s range of motion could be impeded. 

Diagnosis of neck pain starts with identifying your symptoms and their causes. We accomplish this by performing a comprehensive medical history and a physical examination. X-rays and additional imaging techniques may be used to get a precise view of the structures within your neck. Using the results, we can reach a diagnosis. The next stage is treatment:

  • Treatment: Treatment for neck pain varies and is determined by the underlying cause of your symptoms. Physical therapy, medication, posture training, and, rarely, minimally invasive procedures may be required to address your concerns.
  • Post-Treatment Care: Your care doesn’t end when you leave our office. We’ll be with you throughout your treatment and recovery to ensure that you can experience the best possible results.

Our goal isn’t just to end your neck pain; it’s to ensure that you continue to experience relief from your symptoms and that the condition doesn’t advance. Further, we want to ensure that your condition doesn’t return once we’ve addressed it. When you seek treatment with Houston Pain and Spine, you’ll be working with a team dedicated to your overall well-being.

It’s Time To Reclaim Your Life From Neck Pain

Your life doesn’t have to be controlled by neck pain. While many people experiencing this condition downplay its importance, it can indicate severe health concerns and future trouble. If you’re experiencing chronic neck pain, contact our clinic at 832-436-4040 to schedule your first appointment today. Our clinic office is located in Houston, TX, and is dedicated to providing care to patients throughout the surrounding areas. Don’t let neck pain hold you back; with one call, you could be on your way to experiencing relief from your symptoms. Together, Dr. Asif Chaudhry and the rest of our team will help ease or eliminate your symptoms and experience a pain-free life.