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Minimally Invasive Procedures

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Through years of experience treating patients with neck, back and spinal conditions, Dr. Asif Chaudhry MD and his team specializes in providing effective solutions for various spinal conditions. Our clinic is dedicated to utilizing minimally invasive procedures to help alleviate your pain, treat your underlying pathology and improve your quality of life. 

Our Minimally Invasive Procedures in Houston, TX

Houston Pain And Spine offers state-of-the-art minimally invasive procedures that effectively relieve spinal conditions. Our approach focuses on reducing the impact on the surrounding tissues for less pain, minimal scarring, and faster recovery. We offer a various range of minimally invasive procedures, including the following: 

  • Lumbar Percutaneous Discectomy: This procedure involves the removal of the herniated disc fragment and is performed through a small incision. 
  • Rhizotomy – Rhizomy involves radiofrequency ablation to selectively disable the nerves responsible for transmitting pain signals to relieve long-lasting pain.
  • Epidural Steroid Injections: These injections are administered throughout the epidural space to help reduce inflammation and alleviate pain caused by herniated discs, nerve root compressions, and spinal stenosis. The medication targets the affected area to provide pain relief and improve mobility. 
  • Selective, Sympathetic, and Occipital Nerve Root Block: These nerve blocks involve injecting local anesthesia and/or corticosteroid medications to block pain signals from specific nerves. In a selective method, the nerve blocks diagnose and treat nerve-related pain. Sympathetic nerve blocks manage complex regional pain syndromes, PTSD, Menopausal hot flashes, fibromyalgia, and occipital nerve blocks help relieve intense headaches and migraines. 
  • Sacroiliac Joint and Hardware Injections: Through injections to the sacroiliac joints, we can treat pain arising from the joint between the sacrum and ilium. Alongside these injections, hardware injections can be performed around the surgical hardware, such as plates and screws, to help promote healing after spinal surgery. 
  • Lumbar Discogram: A lumbar discogram works to diagnose the source of the pain by injecting a contrast dye into the intervertebral discs. 
  • Intercostal Nerve Block: Intercostal nerve blocks use local anesthetic and/or corticosteroid medication along the intercostal nerves between the ribs to reduce pain caused by rib fractures, intercostal neuralgia, and post-herpetic neuralgia. 
  • Epidural Blood Patch: An epidural blood patch is a procedure used to treat cerebrospinal fluid leaks and associated headaches. It involves injecting the patient’s blood into the epidural space, promoting a seal and healing for dural tears. 

By choosing minimally invasive techniques, we aim to provide effective pain relief while minimizing the risks and recovery time associated with traditional open surgeries.

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At Houston Pain And Spine, our experienced team, led by Dr. Asif Chaudhry, is dedicated to utilizing these advanced procedures to manage your pain and improve your quality of life. Contact us at 832-436-4040 to schedule a consultation and explore how our minimally invasive techniques can help alleviate your spinal condition and provide long-lasting pain relief.