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Doctor with a pen showing a hernia in a skeleton

Herniated Discs

If you’ve been experiencing tingling or numbness, sharp radiating pains, or limb weakness, it may be a sign of a herniated disc. Houston Pain and

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woman neck and shoulder pain and injury

Neck Pain

We rely on our necks for more than we often realize. It helps us maintain our balance, allows us to look around quickly, and even

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adult bearded man suffering from back pain

Back Pain and Spine Care

Our back is the centerpiece of our body’s support structure. Within it, the spinal column carries the most crucial nerve highway we have, the spinal

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3D Rendering Sciatic Nerve Pain


Radiculopathy or its laymen term, Sciatica, is a condition that produces radiating pain that radiates into the extremities. This pain can range from mild and

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